1-ON-1 sessions 

I’m a clairvoyant, channel, reiki master, and healing guide. I specialize in shadow work, quantum inner child healing, archetypal activation, and integration. 

A bit more about that...


In sessions, I guide my clients into a deep meditative state to access the realms of the subconscious (the shadow). In this process, we create a space where the client can come into new awareness (light) and commune with unconscious aspects of Self that became fragmented due to trauma and emotionally overwhelming experiences. 


Fragmented aspects of ourselves get “lost in time,” out of our conscious awareness, remaining in their trauma/wound, and the survival mechanism responses and limiting beliefs that develop as a result. 

When unaddressed, these survival mechanisms, limiting beliefs and patterns continue to play out in our day-to-day. 


Through this work, we create the space for healing by communing with aspects of Self with newfound awareness, love, and care, process repressed emotions that get trapped in the body, and activate new potential. 

This process retrieves pieces of Self back home, into wholeness.


This work results in lasting transformations and breakthroughs. Clients experience completeness, wholeness, empowerment and awareness, with the capacity to create palpable transformation for the highest good. 

1-on-1 sessions take place over a video call on Zoom.

You'll receive details in an email. I look forward to reflecting with you!