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"I’m passionate about bridging awareness: earthly, spiritual and universal, to mirror and empower you in the exploration of your infinite nature

 —to “know thyself,” in embodiment of the full spectrum of your authenticity, expression, and gifts." 


Nai Kéren is a world-touring musician, spiritual luminary, shamanic practitioner and embodiment mentor. She has been working in the healing arts for ten years, facilitating spaces for people to come into wholeness and embodiment. Nai is initiated in the Mahua-Lopez Noya Rao family lineage of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe, and studies regularly with her teachers in the Amazon jungle of Peru.


As an alumnus of the Berklee College of Music, Nai combines her conservatory training with her healing work, traveling world-wide, facilitating intentional musical and ceremonial healing spaces. She fuses devotional and sacred music across many lineages and cultures.


Nai has been in service in the healing space with trainings as a Reiki Master-Teacher, in soul-retrieval techniques, and as a trauma-informed, somatic-oriented practitioner. 

Nai has been blessed with spiritual extrasensory abilities, enabling her to tap into energy field scanning and recalibration, mediumship, and channeling of inter-dimensional communications.


Through all of her work with people, Nai holds great sensitivity to the intelligent rhythms of the human body, supporting deep awareness of its feedback, signals, and capacity, to move at its unique pace, which empowers sustainable and integrated healing and transformation. 

Nai is passionate about bridging grounded, practical practice, energetic principles, and esoteric connection to activate the infinite range of the human experience, and honors the plants as master teachers of this process. 


Nai believes that through knowledge of Self emerges Truth and Liberation. She empowers the reclamation of authentic embodiment so that we may come into wholeness, integrate into Unity, and live by nature’s design to restore reciprocity with all life, and to exist in harmony with all relations

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